Project Description


The Italian association ITALIA FUTURA was founded by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and by Italian businessmen and prominent figures of the culture and of the Italian society with the aim of developing initiatives to improve the Italian political situation.

Their “Manifesto Towards the Third Republic”, proposing a number of reforms to overcome the existing Italian crisis, was launched in the year 2012.

On November 17, 2012 Italia Futura, together with other Associations, organized a major event to present the “Manifesto Towards the Third Republic” – an appeal to create a new liberal democratic political entity – at the former De Paolis Studios in Rome.

On October 26, 2012 our company was requested to coordinate the audio visual needs for this occasion –  in order to ensure an “absolutely successful” event – even though at the time no detailed design was available.

The challenge

To create an emotional and multi-dimensional communication event to generate in all those present a positive attitude towards the new political entity

The strategy

A technological setup of a high profile event and at the same time create great participatory involvement among the participants.

The production

The special event and the huge space to be equipped, from the outset called for a strong planning capacity, large doses of creativity, management skills and ability to coordinate different talents, knowing that success would depend on a mix of numerous factors, all equally important.

Analysis of the production:

  • Floor plan of the theater: The design of a huge set to cover the entire back wall, two 30k Ansi lumen video projectors for the two 7 by 4 meters high embedded screens. Along the side walls of the huge theater four video projectors transmitting outcome on corresponding self-supporting screens
  • Video footage: An outside broadcasting van with four professional cameras, one of them on a Jimmy Jib arm for aerial views of the audience and/or the speakers.
  • Public address and lighting systems: An impressive structure for the set. Some figures: PA & sound: 22kw subdivided in two aerial clusters one per each theater section. Lighting: 34 moving lights, 42 Fresnel spotlights, 18 spotlights and 6 Blinder projectors.
  • Press room: The audio and video program feed connections were available for the TV and radio troupes as well as two 103” monitor to relay the main hall event.
  • Overflow: One 3.6 by 2.7 meters Ledwall with 2 clusters on self-supporting structures were positioned outside the theater as well as A/V facilities in the Teatro 4 to cover the overflow of participants should the capacity of  Teatro 7 and 8 be exceeded.


  • Set-up, including test and technical rehearsals: 3 days
  • Companies involved in the production: 7
  • High qualified technicians: 30
  • Project Manager: CP Centro Pilota

The perfect mixing of many technologies for images, sound and colors and the skill of all teams involved, have allowed us to transform the huge empty space in an environment where the gathered participants felt motivated and involved.

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