Project Description


“Sometime they come back”.

In a market as liquid as technical services, it’s easy for customers, even after a long and fruitful collaboration, to change supplier. Still, “sometime they come back”! It’s just what happened between Merck Serono and CP Centro Pilota.

After about 10 years from the last work for the famous pharmaceutical company (operating in Rome since 1906), a British agency instructed us to provide technical services to Merck Serono, with simultaneous translation for multiple videoconference sessions. The work lasted 3 days in a row.

At the end, we received countless appreciations from the final client for the continuity and fluidity of the services rendered, especially for the apparent simplicity of use during videoconference appointments.

The work was so successful that, already during the dismantling of equipment, we were asked to make an inspection in order to improve the efficiency of their meeting room.

The immediate result was the “review” of the existing microphone system, associated with a videoconference system based on Skype for Business platform, in order to eliminate the annoying echo that had characterize all the meetings up to that moment.

The challenge

To make the meeting room the ideal place for multiple videoconference sessions among the various head offices of the Group.

The strategy

To use the well-known digital Audio-Technica ATUC-50 conference system, of absolute reliability and easy configuration thanks to instruments such as the Web Remote Control.

The production

Set up of the digital wired conference system, directly interfaced via USB to the laptop used for Skype for Business.

Set up of a Full HD camera in USB 3.0, as well connected to the same laptop.

Reorganization of the existing wiring for the room video projector.


  • Time of installation: 3 hours.
  • Staff involved in the setting up: 3 technicians


  • Maximum simplicity of the installed system
  • High quality of audio-video transmission and reception, during Skype videoconference sessions


  • AUDIO-TECHNICA ATUC-50 conference system:
    • 01 ATUC-50CU control unit
    • 09 ATUC-50DU multifunction units with gooseneck microphones
    • 01 I-Smart camera with USB 3.0
    • 01 set of dedicated accessories upon completion of the work

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