Project Description

Ansaldo STS

One of the main Italian Companies (working in designing, construction and management of systems and services of railway and metropolitan traffic signaling and supervision, in fact STS stands for Signaling and Transportation Solutions), Ansaldo STS is based in Genoa and operates worldwide as Lead Contractor.

Due to its international vocation, the need arose to have a prestigious office in Rome, whose Meeting Room would be almost exclusively dedicated to Boards of Directors.

Thanks to the specific know-how that characterizes our company in the creation and the subsequent management of venues expressly designed for Conference Calls and/or Video Conferences, we received from their Legal Office the invitation to make a proposal in line with the needs of the Company and in harmony with the already advanced stage of works.

The request of this important Italian Company led us to confront ourselves not only with the Client, but also with a pool of first-rate professionals, all engaged in a great organizational effort for the creation of an important work that saw quality, beauty and technology go hand in hand.

The challenge

Making the Meeting Room the ideal place for Boards of Directors and/or Shareholders’ Meetings in bilingual Conference Calls, with the transmission in cloud of two channels in simultaneous translation, including a third in the original language (floor), as well as for internal meetings at the highest technological level.

The strategy

To exclusively use digital technology of absolute reliability and easy to configure (thanks to tools such as the Web Remote Control), and the possibility of splitting the Conference sessions into language groups.

The production

Installation of a digital wired Conference System, including channels for listening to the simultaneous translation, whose discussion units can be configured with up to 4 groups of audio output, the real “ace in the sleeve” for such a complex project.

Use of an analogical/digital mixer for the cross management of the numerous linguistic flows.

Laying of three digital hybrids with integrated echo canceller:

  • The first dedicated to the transmission/reception of the Italian language;
  • The second dedicated to the transmission/reception of the English language;
  • The third dedicated to the transmission/reception of the floor.

Creation of three linguistic nodes in the cloud platform.

Integration into the system of two state-of-the-art H323 video conferencing devices, already owned by the Client.


  • Working time at the Client’s room, once the furniture was completed: 3 days
  • Staff employed for setup: 3 technicians.


  • Complete reliability and high performance of the installed system
  • Great modularity of the technical structure
  • Perfect quality of listening and transmission of channels in simultaneous translation


  • AUDIO-TECHNICA ATUC-50 Conference System:
    • 02 ATUC-50CU control unit (one of which for redundancy)
    • 22 ATUC 50 DU multifunction unit, with ATUC-M43H gooseneck microphones
    • 22 ATUC50 – HP2 stereo headsets
  • Telephone hybrids on PSTN lines:
    • 03 Sonifex DHY-04
  • Mixing console and room sound:
    • 01 Yamaha MGP 24X
    • 01 Yamaha PA2120
    • 04 Yamaha NCIS 800
  • Simultaneous Translation:
    • 02 Sennheiser SL Interpreter
    • 04 Sennheiser GSP 107 microphone headsets

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