Video conference rooms in Rome

The video conference rooms at CP Centro Pilota’s premises are ideal for individuals and small groups who need to communicate in a clean, efficient and air-conditioned environment. Our premises are conveniently located within the ancient walls of the city of Rome, very close to the central railroad station (Station Termini).

128Kbits to 512Kbits connections are available, thanks to the on-site presence of 4 ISDN lines dedicated to video communications for those occasions where special anti-intrusion is required, or over-IP connections in HD.

There are several technical configurations that make our video conference rooms versatile and easy-to-use. Thanks to MCU technology, multiple calls with three external sites can be made, one of which can also be audio only.

To connect more than 4 participants, our CLOUD video conferencing system enables meetings between the H323 video conferencing units, smartphones, tablets, and laptops even with Skype Business.

In our video conference rooms in Rome you can:

  • Transmit PowerPoint presentations simultaneously
  • Send videos
  • Record
  • Record audio only
  • Bi-lingual links with the interaction of our system of simultaneous translation in the resident Room A

Audio-visual solutions for conferences and events


Via Giovanni Giolitti, 210 - 00185 Rome - Italy

Phone: + 39 06 7027270

Fax: +39 06 70303608

Conference venues

We have been offering audio-visual solutions for events and conferences in Rome for over 45 years. We have familiarity with over 90 conference venues and event locations in Rome. Here are a few…

We offer

  • Professionalism at all levels ( UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2015)

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility
  • Project Manager for each event
  • English-speaking personnel & quotes drafted in English
  • No hidden costs
  • Best Practices for green meetings
  • “CP Code of Conduct” in all stages of the event
  • Experience and expertise
  • Correctness
  • Familiarity with over 90 conference venues in Rome

Client comments

Just to tell you that the event was a big success … Thanks to your technicians … a perfect team. Hope we work with you another time.
11/01/2017, Abaque-Micro
Ho girato a tutte le persone coinvolte nell’evento i ringraziamenti che, a nome di tutti, prontamente ricambiamo. Abbiamo apprezzato la tua [Franco] costante presenza non solo dal punto di vista “umano” ma anche professionale grazie alla evidente capacità di affrontare le varie problematiche in condivisione ed in maniera decisamente assertiva.
Tantissime grazie per la partecipazione tecnica, la serietà e rapidità di reazione di CP Centro Pilota in tutto il tempo dei preparativi e del Congresso stesso, con i vari imprevisti che implica la partecipazione di persone venute da tanti posti (anche il ciclone a New York ha avuto le sue conseguenze!).
12-11-2012, Rome Metaphysics
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