Project Description

Ageas Regional Agency Leaders Forum 2018

It often happens that requests for audio video services are rough and in broad terms. Some are highly imaginative, some minimalist, and through our experience we have the hard task to interpret the Client’s desires. Furthermore, we have to deal with constant lack of money.

Most of the time ideas are too many and confusing, that’s why the final result always risks to be compromised.

Contrary to all this, for the AGEAS event (programmed in Rome from 2 to 6 September 2018) we received from the Freeman XP Agency of Singapore a list so detailed as not to leave nothing to chance or imagination. PPT presentations, rendering, technical specifications and much else, for two important locations such as the Westin Excelsior Rome and Villa Miani.

From the first email dated 9 April, a copious correspondence sprang between the Agency and the two locations’ Event Offices, numerous site inspections with the relative reports, conference calls, and you name it.

An unprecedented communicative effort.

The challenge

To respect hand in hand the information received, the requests of the organizers, and to create a high-level and reliable technical structure, corresponding the final Client’s objectives.

The strategy

To technically furnish the Winter Garden in line with the Client’s project, and to create a much more luxurious setting for the Gala Dinner, which would take place in the Villa Miani dancing Hall.

The production

In the Westin Excelsior Rome’s Winter Garden: a 22 meter curtain created through our Pipe and Drape system, with two screens mounted in the support structure, a 6 x 2 meter footboard and a pentagonal central panel coated with the Client’s graphic. An architectural lighting system in order to emphasize the whole structure, as well as the same hall. Besides, an infrared digital translation system for four languages (Asian), positioned inside the gallery and video connected.

In the Villa Miani’s dancing Hall: during the Gala Dinner, a strong impact audio system, a stage created on the Client’s precise requests, a 2.9 mm Ledwall of 4.5 x 3 meters, plus an architectural lighting system to emphasize both the Hall and the Villa’s rich exteriors.


  • Venue set-up, including technical testing: 1 day
  • Staff employed for set-up, assistance and de-rig: 16 highly professionally-trained technicians
  • Project Manager: Eric Bassanesi
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