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To tell you who we are… we’ll start from who we are not: mere AV suppliers. We have much more to offer as we value our work as much as we value yours.

CP Centro Pilota was established in 1969 by Ms. Camilla Bassanesi as a company for language tuition, conference organization, translations, audio-video solutions and the installation and manning of simultaneous translation equipment.

Over the years, as conference technology changed, we have continually updated our equipment, paying much attention to selecting the most appropriate products and installation procedures that are best for venues in Rome. Great consideration is also given to assuring highly qualified and motivated technicians, who are also of neat appearance.

For over 45 years, CP Centro Pilota has been providing audio-visual solutions for corporate events, conferences and meetings in Rome, Italy.

Over time, we have analyzed, studied and equipped hundreds of conference spaces, getting to know them like the palm of our hands. Many years of experience have not turned our work into routine: We approach each assignment as a new challenge with interest and enthusiasm. By choosing to rely on CP Centro Pilota you can count on a pool of 423 potential sites, among which we will guide you in finding the most appropriate audio-visual solutions to fit your needs.

Our true potential is our team!

Eric Bassanesi
Eric BassanesiCEO
Eclectic and adaptable, Eric has developed and built on his experience accrued in communication, project management, and theater arts. A stronghold who knows how to give your project “body and soul.”
Michelle Bassanesi
Michelle BassanesiChief Financial and Operating Officer
Creative and determined entrepreneur, a real motivator, together with Eric, guides CP Centro Pilota along the path to constant innovation and development.
Fabio Smacchi
Fabio SmacchiTechnical Manager - Logistics and Programming
Competent, with attention to details and great listening skills, Fabio is able to empathize with the client to help clearly define the project from the outset.
Maurizio Marinucci
Maurizio MarinucciExpert in simultaneous video-audio conferences
A pragmatic technician, Maurizio is willing and able to handle diverse and different situations with ease.
Alessandro Moroni
Alessandro MoroniTechnician
Alessandro has excellent communication skills and empathizes easily with clients and their needs.
Amelia Villano
Amelia VillanoAdministrative Secretary
Amelia has the answer to all your questions, and is a person you can always count on.

Staff photos by Solange Souza

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