Project Description


After verifying the availability in our Public Administration Electronic Marketplace (MEPA) catalog (tenders section), the joint fund Fondir directly commissioned CP Centro Pilota to install a digital audio/video conference system aimed at integrating and enhancing the existing ITC equipment.

The challenge

To adapt the nice, but small, Council Room to the need of sound clarity, in both transmission and reception, required during the numerous audio/video sessions. The performance was previously compromised by the technical restrictions of the existing system.

The strategy

To exclusively utilize digital equipment of absolute reliability and, at the same time, intuitive and easy to use.

The realization

Installation of:

  • One digital Audio Technica ATUC 50 conference system, easily configurable thanks to the remote control via Web formed of:
    • One digital central unit
    • Ten Audio Technica ATUC 50 DU speech units, one of which President assigned
  • One rack Soundcraft Ui16 digital mixer, with remote control via Web
  • A digital Sonifex telephone hybrid with DSP and eco-balance exclusively for the audio conference sessions
  • Accessories for the interfacing with the existing video conference and telephone VOIP system
  • Two Yamaha HS 5W studio amplified speakers of high quality and aesthetic design
  • A rack cabinet perfectly integrated into the style of the room


  • Time needed for implementation on site: 2 days
  • Staff employed for set up and assistance to the Client IT manager: 2 technicians


  • Maximum reliability and high performance of the installed system
  • Real-time clear and effective sessions
  • Cutting of Delegates’ travel expenses

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