Project Description


Thanks to the Events Office of the prestigious Westin Excelsior Rome, the World Jewish Congress, Brussels Office, contacted our company by e-mail, indicating the requirements for planning and tech specs for the Jewish Communities’ World Conference, scheduled in Rome in October 2015.

At first glance, it seemed that the client’s demands were not particularly complex, given that the stage and lighting requests were similar to many others we had created before. But from successive conversations and information we progressively received, it became apparent that the real challenge was not in the technical complexity, but the unique nature of the event that would see people in locations that may be defined as “hotspots.”

In fact, the World Conference, in the Winter Garden ballroom of the Westin Excelsior Rome, would be preceded by a Gala dinner in the splendid grounds of the Jewish Museum of Rome at the Synagogue.

The positive combination between our technical knowledge, experience in the area, respect for others’ values and cultural heritage together with our problem-solving capacity, led the client, after a thorough market survey, to choose our company as the ideal partner for the realization of this World event.

The challenge of the Museum

It was necessary to respect places of remembrance, while proceeding in the preparation of a technical project with discretion and being fully aware of the context in which the job was to be done.

It was also necessary to combine, without disruption or interference, in a place of such symbolic importance, all the practical and technological aspects of a special event in such a unique environment.

The strategy for the World Conference

To use reliable video communication technology and equipment for simultaneous translation in a practical sense, simple yet with bonding connection between the participants. Conscientious technicians were  informed about safety procedures, given the uniqueness of the event.

The production

To encourage the participants’ attention on the Chair by setting up a backdrop, at the center of which was a large projection screen. The  simultaneous  translation not only distributed via digital infrared receivers but, to guarantee perfect clarity of the translated channels, also connected directly to delegate units. The high-brightness video projection enabled everyone to be fully immersed in the presentations. A suitable PA and sound system was chosen for the room and for the extremely high quantity of microphones at the tables.

The combination of many factors and empathy among everyone present, technicians included, guaranteed a successful outcome. More than a just a simple congregation, an event with an immensely humane, cultural and historical meaning.

Our CP Style was so appreciated that we were asked to become their preferred supplier for all future JWC events.

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