Project Description


The famous worldwide brand Gucci chose the St Regis Grand Hotel in Rome as the venue for their “Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry Sales Meeting 2015.”

The first 2015 important challenge was awarded to our company, after a customary routine site inspection between the Gucci’s PR, the Event Manager, the Hotel’s and our Project Manager.

Their decision to use a local resource, in lieu of bringing in a supplier from abroad, was determined from the perception that they were dealing with a small company, having an asset of values and know-how due to a half a century experience in the audiovisual services and specific problem solving skills

The challenge

To create an exclusive great image that will involve the salesmen and attract their attention towards this experiential situation.

The strategy

To combine the old style and the modern technologies with the aim to obtain a magnificent, luxurious exclusive event as per the client’s mission.

The production

Analysis of the production:

  • Floor plan of the Ritz ballroom: Apse with columns – Design of a huge set to cover the entire apse, with a 8 by 3.85 meters rear projection embedded screen. Three high-luminosity video projectors under wide screen image controller system mannered by projectionist and graphic designer of proven ability.
  • Frescoed vault: Litec towers with Robe moving lights, Fresnel spotlights, spotlights were used to obtain an overall involving effect from the frescoed vault and the large mirrored side walls.
  • Acoustics of the ballroom: The highest quality digital audio system, speakers hidden in the set, as to blend in with the ‘800 architecture of the hall were able to complete the “total surround experience.”

The cocktail of technologies, together with our team’s technical skills, created a unique mutable environment, transforming images, sounds, and colors into tangible and poignant perceptions, that were felt by all participants.

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