Project Description


On 30 September 2016 we were invited to participate in the technical inspection of the Presence Chamber at the Company’s new offices, which were undergoing restoration.

During the on-site inspection, we received remarks of appreciation and trust from Eurovita’s executives, and recognized the need for the new hall to be organized according to the technical solutions we had already adopted, even if only temporarily, during the previous bilingual conference calls for the Board of Director meetings, in the old offices.

The successful combination of experience, know-how, and problem-solving capacity once again put us in front of a new challenge, not only with a big international Company, but with a permanent and cutting-edge project.

The challenge

To transform the Presence Chamber, characterized by specific architectural features, into a conference room such as the focal multi-video-communication area for bilingual conference calls during Board of Director meetings and/or other events.

The strategy

To only use reliable wireless technology and digital equipment, and, at the same time, easy and intuitive to use.

The production

Emphasizing the Company’s logo present on the back wall, in order to catch all the participants’ attention. Set up of a wireless infrared digital conference system, inclusive of two-channel simultaneous translation equipment. A completely silent new-generation video projector. A Wi-Fi sharing system, to launch presentations from laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Integration into the system of an H323 video conference apparatus, belonging to the client. The use of a DANTE unit for transmission/reception of all radio feeds through the existing network, without additional wiring.

The combination of many factors, all towards excellence, was essential in creating an elegant and technologically cutting-edge conference room.

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