Project Description


From 14 to 18 November 2017, at the prestigious The Westin Excelsior Rome Hotel situated in Via Veneto, the Acadia Pharmaceuticals’ Investigator Meeting took place. About 200 doctors, coming from many European countries, attended the event.

Acadia Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to improve the life quality of patients affected by Central Nervous System disorders.

The challenge

The request we received from the Organizers – who wanted to promote and disclose knowledge to the medical and scientific community – was to create a high-level technical structure able to provide full reliability, considering that the participants were from a multi-ethnic background.

The strategy

To enhance at best the peculiar characteristics of the Winter Garden and of the complementary areas, in order to create an integrated Audio/Video system with Simultaneous Translation for up to 11 languages.

The production

To facilitate scientific discussion and communication, the presentations (all in English) were translated, besides the standard European languages, into Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Slovak and Ukrainian, through our DIS digital infrared system.

The event’s objectives, and the many spaces which needed to be equipped, required great planning and operational management capability, as well as the ability to coordinate the various competencies and professional resources involved, such as the large team of international interpreters.

Production analysis

Gallery Hall

Simultaneous Translation System

10 Interpreter’s booths, each provided with two digital consoles and individual microphones and headsets. The dual connection system ensured continuity of service, even in case of sudden breakdowns.

10 50” monitors for displaying PowerPoint presentations and camera images, placed in front of the booths

1 Central digital unit for the management of the system, with a second back-up unit

2 Analogue-to-digital conversion units

1 Digital infrared transmitter with up to 16 channels, with a second back-up transmitter

200 Digital infrared receptors with up to 32 channels, with light headsets

4 Infrared digital radiators for the optimal translation signal coverage in the hall

Winter Garden Hall

Audio video system

1 Pipe and Drape scenography 20 meters wide, to fully cover the back wall

20 Led Bars for lightning effects

20 Led Par uplights for ambience colored lighting around the Hall

2 16/9 screens, with a 4 meter base, for front projections

2 Back hall HD 10k lumen Video projectors

1 Technical console with audio mixer and digital mixer

8 Shure QLX-D microphones

1 Accessory set, such as D’San’s Perfect Cue and LimiTimer

1 Studio camera to transfer the images of the speakers to the interpreters


  • Venue set-up, including technical testing: 2 days
  • Staff employed for set-up, assistance and de-rig: 11 highly professionally-trained technicians
  • Project Manager: Eric Bassanesi
  • Logistics and Organization: Franco di Gangi

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